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"struggling with reality, I'm living"
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7th-May-2013 10:17 am(no subject)

咲いて散って巡る季節に 僕らはもう振り向かない
いつの日だって どこにいたって 前を向いて進もう
出会えた事に意味があって 別れる事に意味があって
限られた時 儚い命 僕らは咲いていよう
新たなトビラ 越えた先には また一緒に笑い合おう

p.s. i don't know why i'm still feeling so normal.. when i'm actually seeing them in an instore this friday .__.
16th-Jan-2013 10:34 pm - feel like it...
my Obssessions No.1, 2 and 3..

just want to choose some blog photos...

No.1 Reika.

 the early style with heavy make up, bleached blond..

when i first got into him, he had dark blue hair.. that was when i attempted to dye mine like his too.

one of the things i like him wearing the most is yukata. (chest..!!)

of course his obssession with squeeze toy alien..! i'm also obssessed with alien-chan too xD

reika's sexiness...  not flashy, but it only makes him more appealing.


and of course your awesome musical talents and your bass skills =) one of my favourite bassists at all times. 

No.2  Koichi.

koichi edit01

just last year, he was still the dull blond.. 

koichi edit06

pink hair became his icon.. it really suits koichi. 

koichi edit02koichi edit04
you look so pretty in every single photo.. how is that even possible

koichi edit05
and not to forget about his trendiness!  (and thos famous bottoms.. xD)

koichi edit03

flashy, sweet, wicked.. i think these 3 adjectives belong to him!  (besides the word 'sexy' xD)

No.3   Hal...

hal edit01

the first thing that drew me in is his voice of course.. 

but another first thing is his sunny SMILE. 

hal edit02

hal edit03

hal edit04

hal edit05


hal edit06

=)  please keep smiling...!!!! 
22nd-Oct-2008 02:09 am - AHAHAHA~~!!!!!
palmon gif
Which Jrock artist/band would likely enjoy killing you? by KyoKaoruGrl
Fav. Color
Artist/BandPlastic Tree
What you did to piss them off so bad...Stealing their prized shoes
How they killed youBeat to death by prized shoes
On a scale of 1-10 their enjoyment Factor6! Can't believe it happened!
When this will all happen...May 19, 2026
22nd-Oct-2008 02:07 am - omg.. look at this XDDD
palmon gif
Your Jrock Band by psychoTEDDY
Your name
Favorite Jrocker
Favorite color(s)
Your partVocalist
Your music sounds likePlastic Tree
Your vocalist sings likeHisui (Schwardix Marvally)
Your vocalist's dress stylePunk
Your guitarist's dress styleGothic Punk
Your bassist's dress styleSlutty
Your drummer's dress styleGothic
Date you'll form your bandApril 22, 2040
Chance you'll be a success
24th-Sep-2008 04:32 pm(no subject)
palmon gif
*collapse*  right..  i think my contract law assignment is done...  i didn't exceed the word limit which means, i won't need to lie on my word count for the first time XDDDD

Listening to Phantasmagoria's last last single "Vanish.." and it is such a lovely rock ballad.  I SUPER love Jun + Iori's guitars together... *sobs*  and really, Kisaki is a great composer.  no matter how unbearable his ego is, I can't deny the fact X3

Also, Matenrou Opera's "Spectecular" is AWESOME.  from the samples on their OHP, i knew i love the 3rd track "蜃気楼" the best~  Ayame is a good add to the band due to his pop-rock influence along with the synth.  =3

well...  that's it for now...

will need to complete my philosophy essay tomorrow so i can hand it in on Friday XD

P.S  if only i know how to tune my guitar to drop D or drop "something"... -____-llll
15th-Jan-2008 02:40 pm(no subject)
palmon gif
Everyone here, please join~~

This is a role-play forum not only for experienced RPers or jrocker lovers.  This is for everyone ^~^  feel free to ask me anything if you have questions.  I am one of the admins there~  The old one I posted is too slow^^*  thanks to Jamie for her hard work on this!!!  *huggles*

palmon gif
ARH!!!!!!!!!! gosh, so lucky to find the single!!! "Filth in the Beauty" is SO good x3 talking about heaviness!!! *hugs them* The ugliness and the temptation of what is called "beauty" are expressed VERY well especially in the Music video!!! They all went on the headbanging mode~!! The guitars are the highlight ne =3 the second track "Rich Excrement" and the third track "Crucify Sorrow" mark the band's maturity, taking up themes and ideas about the sorrows of humanity. Reita is getting more parts in recording with his ROARS!!!!!!!!! haha, I have to pat them all on the back for such a GREAT heavy rock single. I want to also say something about vocalist Ruki - VERY skillful vocals!! (combining with that shy and cute smile in that talk clip~) gosh, can't stop myself from blabbing endless about them X3

Oh! how's your hair straightening going, Isabella?? having fun??? hehe X3

ARH, talking about distractions! started watching anime "Death Note" on youtube XD XD IT IS SOOOOO INTENSE AND CATHING!!! unlike those sappy anime, I love this one so much - the genre is Mystery, Crime and Action X3 can't wait to find the movie~!!! just to promote it a bit:

there are going to be 37 episodes and I'm REALLY HOOKED already after watching the 1st one! watched 4 so far X3 It's quite controversal actually.....the protagonist Light is using the Death Note to eliminate all the criminals in the world so that it can become a better place...(anyone's name written in the book will die within 40 secs), but this is also mass murder ne. That's why the police and Dectective L (ARH~ mysterious identity still!!!) is trying to find who is this "Kira" (killer in Japanese). love this kind of tension!!

anyway, I can blab and blab on like no one cares. right, time to go! 25 mins 'till chem cramming starts *BIG sigh*
2nd-Nov-2006 01:49 am - BYE BYE MATHS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
palmon gif
yep, there goes my life with this type of psycho Maths @.@ gosh, can't believe it! that 3U paper is the history's hardest one ever written!!!! *death stares* i swear there is a TYPO in that parabola one! I mean, hello?? the co-ord of U is ABOVE the x-axis!! how can it be (o,-apr)?!?!? or someone pleast hit me on the head and say that I got it wrong!

isabella: for the photos of muck-up day, please check your e-mail ^~^

Chem is SO annoying!!!!!!! I bet there will be some really funny things in the paper *sweat drop* those people are out there to fail us >.>

anyway, congrats to Gazette: NEW SINGLE "FILTH IN THE BEAUTY" RELEASED YESTERDAY!!!!!!!!!!! ^o^ Can't wait to hear it!!~!~!~!!!! recently, haven't drawn anything coz I'm still planning the costumes..... very tricky >_<;;

(random-ness: LOVE MANGOES!!!!!!!!! it's the right season~~~)
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